A Room With a View! My First Visit to Tonopah, NV and the Historic Mizpah Hotel

During my first visit to Tonopah, Nevada, I got to check out the bizarre Clown Motel, the historic Old Cemetery, as well as spend the night at the Mizpah Hotel.

A Peaceful Stay at the Butterfly Garden Inn

If you need to escape the stress of day-to-day life, the Butterfly Garden Inn has got you covered. Hidden away deep inside Oak Creek Canyon, this peaceful setting will quiet your mind and lift your spirits.

An Evening at the Haunted Hotel Monte Vista

The Hotel Monte Vista was built in 1926 and has seen a lot of visitors over the years, both celebrity and spectral. Or so they say. As fans of history, we couldn’t help but be curious and wanted to check out this old building for ourselves. Would it be a night to remember?