About the Cactus Atlas Project

In the words of the late Jim Morrison of the Doors, "The West is the Best", and we couldn't agree more! We live in the American Southwest and are fascinated with the landscapes, culture and history of this magical place.

In 2019, we embarked on a mission to document and share our experiences in this region. Our goal is to entertain as well as inform. As you explore our content, you will discover that we blend the art of blogging with the immersion of vlogging in order to give you the most engaging experience possible.

We also pull data into our website from multiple reputable sources in order to provide you with useful, up-to-date information in case you are planning that once-in-a-lifetime trip to the American Southwest, or perhaps a hiking trip in a remote wilderness.

Our approach is to stay overnight at campsites and other interesting places like historic hotels, tour and review them, and then visit nearby things to do, taking you along for the ride of course!

So, go grab yourself a cup of coffee or a cold sarsaparilla, sit back, and go adventuring with us!

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What's Next?

We are busy adding new features to our website and filming new content. We are considering adding a forum or comments feature to our site, as well as translating our content into multiple languages in order to reach an international community.

If you can think of a feature that you would enjoy seeing on our site, or perhaps a location that you would like us to visit, please send us an e-mail or write us a comment on our YouTube channel!