Sequoia National Forest’s Majestic Trail of 100 Giants

August 26, 2021By Amy

Creation of 100 Giants

On April 15, 2000, President William J. Clinton proclaimed beneath one of the grander trees in the forest that the land would be established as Giant Sequoia National Monument. Trees within this boundary are thought to be as old as 1500 years old.

Small figures of people on left side of giant sequoia tree standing in forest

These giant trees only grow within a small section on the western side of the Sierra Nevada due to favorable altitude, climate, and soil conditions. Reproduction is slow as generally, only fire opens the pine cones which release seeds for new growth. Thankfully the trees are incredibly fire-resistant. When visiting the grove, one can see evidence of prior fires and note that their bark is quite hard and thick - some areas up to three feet thick!

Two figures in front of giant burned and hollowed out giant sequoia tree

Visiting Trail of 100 Giants

The Trail of 100 Giants is located within Sequoia National Forest, south of the similarly named Sequoia National Park. The grove covers 341 acres and within it are more than 100 sequoia trees that measure over 10 feet in diameter and several hundred more that measure under 10 feet. The largest tree in the grove is 20 feet in diameter and roughly 220 feet tall.

Paved trail leads between two giant sequoia trees

The actual trail itself is 1.3 miles and mostly paved with asphalt except for some sections where fallen trees have blocked portions. A dirt path goes around the tree, however, for those wanting to really experience the size of these trees, they can even climb on top of it.

Wooden boardwalk leads beside giant fallen sequoia tree

A paved parking lot is available for visitors as well as a picnic area and restroom facilities for day use and a nearby campground. At this time there is a $10 fee per vehicle entering the park.

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